We are nearing 2 years post changes to the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. The impact of the changes is profound and not beneficial to the everyday worker.

Any employer or insurance company that says that the recent changes are not reducing costs is wrong. If costs to employers and insurance companies are not down, then the insurance companies are lining their pockets even more. Remember insurance companies did not become one of the wealthiest industries in the world by paying claims and being fair.

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The boilermaker injured his shoulder requiring surgery. Unfortunately, permanent medical restrictions were placed with the possibility of more surgeries in the future. The injured worker was a member of the Pipefitters, Ironworkers, and Boilermakers. Due to his restrictions, he could not return to work and went through vocational rehabilitation for alternative work for over a year. Just prior to trial, the Law Office of Chris Doscotch was able to secure a settlement for his client that guarantees $932 per week for life (tax free) and open medical.

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The award winning Frontline on PBS will be airing next week on November 20th a show on poor kids. As the holiday approaches, it is a time to remind ourselves of those who less fortunate than us and that there are many people suffering in our country in need of help. It is staggering how many of the people that need help are children. The recent election divided us between those that are supposedly takers and those that give free stuff. This type of language and division does not help any us. The poor children are poor through no fault of their own and need help to provide for basics such as food, shelter, health care and education.

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Every four years we are blessed by the Olympics. The Olympics symbolize so many things that we want for our family, kids, community, country and world. The competition is great. The emotions of the events and the stories behind these athletes are motivating as the actual competition. Cheering for our countries athletes such as Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, the Williams sisters, our gymnasts and watching them win has been great.

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Legal Dictionary

legal dictionaryThe legal dictionary is a quick resource for commonly used words in the legal world.

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Statute of Limitations

statute of limitations

Use this to see if your case needs to be filled within a particular time limit.

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