Every four years we are blessed by the Olympics. The Olympics symbolize so many things that we want for our family, kids, community, country and world. The competition is great. The emotions of the events and the stories behind these athletes are motivating as the actual competition. Cheering for our countries athletes such as Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, the Williams sisters, our gymnasts and watching them win has been great.

The Olympics bring out a common bond among all Americans in cheering for our athletes and country against the worlds’ best. Sponsoring these Olympics are many large United States corporations that are wrapping themselves in the flag in support of our athletes. Without the advertisers and corporate donations, our athletes would not be so successful and competitive. For this corporate generosity, I am thankful.

I only wish these companies practiced patriotism all the time. It is patriotic to pay American workers a decent wage, pay for health benefits and provide a retirement to their workers. It is patriotic for these companies to keep jobs in the United States. It is patriotic to pay your fair share. When companies are making record profits, it patriotic to share these profits with all the workers rather than ask for cuts in wages and benefits. (Patriotism is more than a couple commercials and sponsorships but rather a way of doing business. America needs a strong middle class for America to continue to lead the world.

America is defined by more than corporate profits and keeping shareholders happy. Hopefully, the Olympics inspire our corporate leaders into being patriots year round rather than for two weeks during Olympics every four years.

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