The award winning Frontline on PBS will be airing next week on November 20th a show on poor kids. As the holiday approaches, it is a time to remind ourselves of those who less fortunate than us and that there are many people suffering in our country in need of help. It is staggering how many of the people that need help are children. The recent election divided us between those that are supposedly takers and those that give free stuff. This type of language and division does not help any us. The poor children are poor through no fault of their own and need help to provide for basics such as food, shelter, health care and education.

As we celebrate the holiday, please remember the poor and their children and do our best to provide help whether it is financially or with our time. We can do much more as collective individuals than our government can accomplish. Until our government leaders put aside self interest and differences, there will not be a real solution to cutting spending compassionately and raising revenue. We need solutions to these problems so our country can continue the economic recovery and provide the best gift for those struggling-a job.

Let’s show our government leaders what all of Central Illinois can do whether Republican, Democrat, Green, Tea Party, or Independent and that is help those less fortunate than us and continue working for a stronger America.

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