The boilermaker injured his shoulder requiring surgery. Unfortunately, permanent medical restrictions were placed with the possibility of more surgeries in the future. The injured worker was a member of the Pipefitters, Ironworkers, and Boilermakers. Due to his restrictions, he could not return to work and went through vocational rehabilitation for alternative work for over a year. Just prior to trial, the Law Office of Chris Doscotch was able to secure a settlement for his client that guarantees $932 per week for life (tax free) and open medical.

The Law office of Chris Doscotch settled an automobile accident case involving an arthroscopic knee surgery case for $127,500. The client sustained a knee injury requiring arthroscopy of the knee to repair torn cartilage. The client recovered and returned to unrestricted activity. The Law Office of Chris Doscotch was able to obtain this favorable settlement within 18 months of the accident without the necessity of extensive and expensive litigation.

61 year old truck driver receives settlement of $400,000 for shoulder injury. The injured worker underwent two shoulder surgeries and was unable to return to work as a truck driver. Without having to undergo a lengthy vocational rehabilitation, this case was resolved favorably for the client. We were also able to coordinate benefits with social security disability to prevent any off set of benefits and actually increase the month SSDI amount with this settlement.

Recent Trial Decisions

Caterpillar denied that a workers shoulder injury while working overhead arose out of his employment. In September, the Arbitrator agreed with worker and awarded benefits including the right to work related medical treatment. The case is now on appeal.

The IWCC appeals panel reviewed an Arbitrator’s denial of a carpal and cubital tunnel claim for an administrative assistant at local hospital. The Commissioners’ in a 2-1 vote reversed the Arbitrator and awarded weekly, medical and permanent disability benefits finding that the repetitive activities of computer work were a cause of the carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome.

Komatsu denied that a welder’s carpal tunnel syndrome was caused by welding activities. The company relied on the opinions of the IWIRC physician that the workers problems were related to “arthritis”. The matter was tried and the arbitrator found in favor of the welder and ordered Komatsu to authorize the bilateral carpal tunnel procedure. No appeal was taken by the employer.

A local company denied a re-do back surgery to their employer. The employer had accepted case and paid for first back surgery. The employer hired a doctor and obtained an opinion that a second surgery was not needed. After depositions, the matter was tried and the arbitrator found in the worker’s favor and ordered that the company authorize and pay for the surgery. The employer has appealed.

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