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chris doscotch

Chris has been a practicing lawyer since 1994 specializing in protecting the rights of injured workers and injury victims. A passionate advocate for the rights of the injured, Chris has tried over 40 jury cases, arbitrated over 600 workers’ compensation claims and settled over 4000 claims, including numerous personal injury cases. Since 1994, he has helped the injured and their families collect nearly $80 million. He was trial co-counsel on two county jury verdict records: Snelson v. Kamm, $7 million award in Macon County, and Ahmed v. GTE, $847,500 jury award in Tazewell County.  Chris has also been instrumental in two seminal workers’ compensation cases:  Mechanical Devices and DurandMechanical Devices expanded rights of workers’ to receive temporary partial disability benefits.  In Durand, the Supreme Court of Illinois protected the workers’ continued right to receive benefits for repetitive trauma cases.

Chris is a lifelong Illinois resident graduating from Knox College and Southern Illinois University School of Law, and is admitted to practice in State and Federal Court. He served in the Illinois Army National Guard from 1990-1998 as an enlisted infantryman.

He also supports numerous charitable organizations in the Greater Peoria area and is committed to serving the Central Illinois community.  Employees at the Law of Chris Doscotch are encouraged to give back to the community and are rewarded for volunteerism by receiving comp time for hours donated to any of the worthy charitable organizations in our area.

Email: chris@doscotchlaw.com

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