Preserving Evidence

You’re in a car accident. It’s not your fault. How do you prove it?

When it comes to car accidents, Illinois is a fault state – which means fault matters. So how do you protect your rights after a car accident that you didn’t cause? What should you do to make sure the other driver is held accountable? Preserving evidence and getting statements from witnesses are important – but that’s just a start.

First, call the police then start gathering information. Take pictures of the vehicles and the accident scene. Get license plate numbers, insurance information and the names of the driver and any passengers in all vehicles involved. It’s important to get driver, passenger and witness contact information including phone numbers and email addresses, as well as the vehicle make and model. When officers arrive, take note of their names and badge numbers. The more information you can gather the better – it will put you in a better position when claim process gets started.

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Watch Chris as he talks about the top 10 things to do when you're in an auto accident.

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