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auto accidentsWhen you have an automobile accident, the insurance companies aren’t on your side. They have the legal and financial resources to defend their interests over yours. Chris Doscotch has been fighting for the rights of automobile accident victims for more than a decade.

Illinois is a fault state meaning that persons injured have rights to recover for damages caused by the negligent driver. In an auto case, you must first show the at-fault driver’s negligence is 50% or greater. Therefore it is very important to begin the accident investigation early to make sure liability is established. Early investigation includes witness statements, photographs of the scene, vehicles or injuries or possibly accident reconstruction. Photographs of the vehicles are important to get before the vehicles are salvaged and witness statements are best when memories are fresh.

When liability is established, the victim has the right to recover proven damages for pain & suffering (past and/or future), loss of normal life (past and/or future inability to pursue activities of daily living or the enjoyable things in life such as hobbies or recreation), disability, lost earnings and wages (past and/or future) and medical bills (past and/or future). If you are injured, it is important that you seek timely medical treatment. Illinois law states the injury victims can recover for the aggravation and acceleration of any pre-existing condition.

Any recovery whether by trial or settlement is 100% tax-free.

If you are in an automobile accident call the police and seek immediate medical attention if injured. If you have injuries or your vehicle has visible damage, take photographs. Do not discuss the facts of the occurrence with the at fault person. Finally do not give a taped statement to the other insurance company. A taped statement can only hurt your case. The insurance company is recording your statement to protect the insurance company not the injury victim.

No matter the type of accident or injury, Chris will work hard to defend your interests against the insurance companies and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, including medical costs, lost wages and auto damages.

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