You get hit. The driver’s insurance doesn’t pay all your bills. How do you make up the difference?

Sure, state law requires drivers to have auto insurance. But many drivers have just the bare minimum in coverage. So what happens when you get hit by an underinsured driver and your bills exceed their coverage? You need to make sure that you have sufficient coverage to make up the difference in case the at-fault driver’s insurance can’t cover everything. That’s because any additional costs will most likely come out of your own pocket – and that’s something you want to avoid.

Watch Chris explain the importance of uninsured / underinsured insurance coverage.

An attorney can only get back for you what your underinsured coverage allows when the other person is at fault. Make sure you have the proper coverage for you and your assets when it is someone else’s fault but they don’t have enough coverage to pay all your accident and medical bills.

Protect yourself, your future and your financial well-being by making sure your auto insurance includes uninsured/underinsured coverage at the proper amounts that make sense.

Watch the full episode of Ask the Attorney as Chris talks about understanding your auto insurance needs

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