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If you get hurt at work does it qualify as a Worker’s Comp case or a Personal Injury case? Knowing the difference is critical when it comes to proving liability and rewarding for damages.

Watch Chris as he explains the difference.

There are a couple factors that determine what type of award will be granted in Workers' Comp cases. Things like age, occupation, future earning capacity. This video details answers to those questions among others.

Attorney Chris Doscotch discusses law changes with Workers Compensation and Premises Liability.

Attorney Chris Doscotch discusses the dangers of summer driving, motorcycles and construction zones. Learn what you should know if you're in an accident.

On this segment of Ask the Attorney Chris Doscotch explains workers compensation and what you need to know when filing a claim.

Illinois has lower average medical payments and higher premiums being paid. What are the effects on the worker?

On this episode of Ask the Attorney, Chris Doscotch of the Law Office of Chris Doscotch, explains as laws make it tougher for a worker to be awarded a claim, there are five things you should do to help your Workman's Compensation Claim.

On this episode of Ask the Attorney, Chris Doscotch, of the Law Office of Chris Doscotch, explains the importance of having the right insurance coverage.

On this episode of Ask the Attorney show, Chris Doscotch, of the Law office of Chris Doscotch, discusses the new laws of workers compensation and the importance of hiring a lawyer for your case.

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legal dictionaryThe legal dictionary is a quick resource for commonly used words in the legal world.

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Statute of Limitations

statute of limitations

Use this to see if your case needs to be filled within a particular time limit.

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