Construction Accidents

construction accidentsWhether it’s a falling girder, a defective piece of equipment or a forklift without a warning signal, construction workers are constantly exposed to dangerous work environments. As a result they can suffer serious injuries resulting in a loss of employment, permanent disabilities, and a lifetime of medical bills.

As with all litigation, timing is critical – and that’s especially true with construction accidents. As a personal injury lawyer, Chris Doscotch understands that it’s important to move quickly – and intelligently. He has successfully litigated and settled many cases against contractors and subcontractors and has helped injured workers and their families receive the compensation they deserved.

Since the Structural Work Act was repealed in Illinois, construction accident cases are more complicated and difficult to prove. Without the Structural Work Act, workers lost many of the protections afforded to them on dangerous job sites. It is important that workers injured on construction sites as a result of the actions of another contractor or subcontractor obtain immediate legal representation to protect their rights.

Because construction injury cases are complex, you need an experienced construction accident attorney to successfully handle them. Construction cases typically require the injured worker to bring claims against contractors, subcontractors, developers, owners, material suppliers, architects, engineers and insurance companies, as all of these parties typically attempt to avoid liability for their wrongful conduct and pass it on to others. Additionally, construction cases frequently require expert witnesses – both medical and construction industry experts – to demonstrate both the cause of the accident and the nature and extent of the employee's injuries.

Chris is a passionate advocate for the rights of injured workers and his expertise includes personal injury, construction defects, insurance coverage and the complex issues that result from contractual relationships. Chris will stand up for you, with experience and tenacity, and give you the response you expect and the results you deserve.

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