Premises Liability

premises liabilityPremises liability cases are often complicated based on the circumstances of the injury and the landowner involved. Chris Doscotch understands the complexity of these types of cases and has successfully litigated premises liability cases in Illinois. State laws concerning the classification of landowners, trespassers, licensees and invitees make premises liability cases especially challenging. There are also varying degrees of liability based on building and property conditions.

Most people think if they fall or get hurt on another persons or companies property that the other person or company is liable for all medical bills and damages. This is not true. Premises liability cases are very difficult. In order to recover damages for an injury on another person’s property, the injury victim must prove negligence just as one does in auto accident. The injury victim must prove that the property owner knew or should have known of the defect or dangerous condition and that the cause of the injury was a defective condition on the property.

Photographs of the property defect are recommended before the property owner or insurance co-pay fix the defect or the defective condition disappears.

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