Wrongful Death

wrongful deathWrongful death cases are civil suits involving the death of a person caused by the negligent actions of another person. Wrongful death cases are brought by family members or representatives of the deceased’s estate.

In Illinois, the family or “next of kin” of a person who dies as a result of the negligence of another person, business or corporation can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death is a recovery solely for the family of the deceased and not subject to medical bills or any other financial obligation of the victim.

Wrongful death allows for the recovery of pecuniary loss. Pecuniary loss includes the money, benefits, goods and services the decedent would have contributed in the future to the family and next of kin. Due to a recent change in the law, the jury is allowed to consider the grief, sorrow and mental suffering of the family members.

Independent causes of action can be brought for the funeral expenses, medical bills and pain and suffering of the deceased pursuant to the Survival Act.

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