The Law Office of Chris Doscotch provides legal representation in Police and Firefighter Line of Duty Pension cases and Public Safety Employee Benefit Act (PSEBA).  When injuries occur that prevent Police and Firefighters from returning to full duty and work,  the public safety employee will need to file for a disability pension and health benefits pursuant to PSEBA.  Police and firefighters can recover from workers compensation and disability pension benefits.  It is CRUCIAL that the pension issues be resolved PRIOR to resolving the workers’ compensation case due to off- set concerns.

Disability pensions can be line of duty or non-line of duty depending on the facts surrounding how the injury occurred.  If a line of duty pension is awarded then the police officer or firefighter can apply for health benefits pursuant to PSEBA and again based upon the facts of the occurrence, health insurance can be awarded.  Line of duty and PSEBA are separate statutes and have separate rules defining eligibility.

It is important that the police officer or firefighter provide the right evidence at hearing to preserve the records and his or her rights should the matter be appealed from the Pension Board to our courts. 

Chris Doscotch has been representing first responders for his entire career and takes this responsibility very seriously.  Police and firefighters have additional pension protections due to societies recognition of the importance of this work and danger of being a first responder.   Chris Doscotch will not only handle the workers compensation case but also pension disability cases to make sure the officer or firefighter obtains all benefits that he or she is entitled.

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