Repetitive Trauma

What’s the 1 thing that is required in every repetitive trauma claim? It’s the testimony of a physician on your behalf.

Not all workers’ compensation are caused by a single, isolated event. In Illinois, repetitive trauma falls into the category of workers’ compensation, but sadly there’s been an erosion in workers’ rights in the state of Illinois with many cases being denied.

When reporting a repetitive trauma claim, you need to be very specific and detailed about your case – like the type of body movements required, the physical mechanics involved and the number of repetitions per day. And you need to see a physician immediately as well as their testimony will be critical to your case.

When you have a repetitive trauma claim, you need to talk to an experienced attorney right away. That’s why you should contact the Law Offices of Chris Doscotch. We have the knowledge, expertise and savvy to make sure your rights are protected.

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