The first thing a trucking company does is preserve evidence - and so should you!

After an accident involving a truck, you need to immediately get the help of an experienced lawyer. That’s because while you’re taking care of your health, the trucking company’s lawyers are taking care of their interests. They will have lawyers on the scene of an accident quite often the same day it occurred. And while you’re trying to recover from the trauma and take care of your health, they’re building a case against you and looking out for their client’s best interests.

When you have an accident with a truck, you need to talk to an experienced attorney right away. That’s why you should contact the Law Offices of Chris Doscotch. We have the knowledge, expertise and savvy to make sure your rights are protected.

Legal Dictionary

legal dictionaryThe legal dictionary is a quick resource for commonly used words in the legal world.

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Statute of Limitations

statute of limitations

Use this to see if your case needs to be filled within a particular time limit.

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